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Formed in early 2011, Stephens Plastic Mouldings Ltd offers the manufacturing of plastic injection moulding Birmingham for any use. Our established team, with over 20 years of experience in the sector, are true professionals in the production of components and our machinery can create products for use in any industry. Assisting our clients every step of the way, Stephens Plastic Mouldings Ltd really is a one-stop shop for your needs in plastic injection moulding. From concept design and development to producing a prototype and cost budget, our full project managed service ensures the desired product and consistent client satisfaction.

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About Us

Stephens Gaskets has been working within the rubber and plastic manufacturing sector since 1947 and after recognising the increased demand for further services such as plastic moulding injections, it was decided a new subsidiary should be created. Established at the beginning of 2011, Stephens Plastic Mouldings Limited (SPM Ltd.) was formed as an expansion and business development project from Stephens Gaskets to cover the production of consumer plastics. The company has enjoyed growing success thanks to the dynamic and forward thinking management team, who have driven the business to grow and built a reputation for customer satisfaction and unparalleled performance.

Our equipment is based on the latest technology in the manufacturing industry and we understand that precision is paramount and quality is unquestionable. The efficient and effective process involved in our design and production guarantees added value to our client’s projects and this is the reason we can proudly boast so much repeat business. Our flexible approach to projects involving plastic injection moulding ensures that our clients are made to feel comfortable and valued, being involved as much as they wish to be. We are set-up to take an idea and roll it through to a final product, whilst some clients prefer to interact throughout the project with our clients where we can discuss and adapt to any changes that may be required. Communication is key and our team understand our clients priorities; accuracy, efficiency and professionalism.

What is injection moulding?

The process of injection moulding is used in the manufacturing of components and parts for the majority of industries and is one of the leading prime processes used in manufacturing plastic products.

The first stage at to plastic injection moulding Birmingham is the actual mould, which is created by a Stephens Plastic Mouldings industrial designer. Usually made from aluminium or steel, this mould is the cavity, into which the injection will be made, and forms the shape and design of the end product meaning its accuracy is paramount.

The manufacturing process of plastic moulding injections begins with the raw materials of thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics. These raw materials are first heated to high temperatures and then mixed vigorously before being injected into the mould cavity, which forms the plastic into the shape of the desired product. After the substance cools it becomes solid and hard. It is at this point the mould cavity is removed and the product is revealed, ready for use. Nylon 6 Moulding.

















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